About Us

The Belle Plaine Community Foundation was founded in 1996 to be a legal vehicle for local residents to make charitable gifts back to their community. With established policies and procedures for prudent investment and stewardship of money under their management, the Belle Plaine Community Foundation board of directors has a track record of good fund management. The Foundation awards between $35,000 to $40,000 dollars each year to scholarships, projects and programs.
Lanore Bishop (pictured) left a legacy to the Belle Plaine and Mulvane communities.   With her gift to the Belle Plaine Community Foundation, Mrs Bishop insured that students in the Belle Plaine and Mulvane communities studying to become teachers would be able to apply and receive scholarships from the Lanore Bishop Scholarship Fund. 
In addition, a large number of youth projects in the Belle Plaine and Mulvane communities are provided grants funded from Lanore Bishop's Youth Grants

Since Lanore’s gift, many other gifts have followed.  BPCF currently has several fund options to which you can contribute.


Predicting what the future will bring has proved impossible but we know that rural areas will need leadership and resources to face the challenges that come. Belle Plaine Community Foundation develops and efficiently manages charitable funds, offering a convenient, efficient, local response to community needs.
Grants can be made to any nonprofit entity that serves the citizens of the region.  Examples of some of our past grants include:
- Middle School Top Dog Program
- Movie Night at the Library
- Middle School Bingo Party
- Swim Team Awards
- Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Sumner County
- Mulvane Library Summer Reading
- Tulip Time Sponsor
- Quality Citizen Award
- Boy Scouts Camp Trailer
- Girl Scouts Camping Experience
- Belle Plaine Historical Society
- Barner Center Kitchen Upgrades
- I-Pads for Teachers
- Scholarships for Graduates
- Gateway Improvements

BPCF Board
Pete Miller, Chair
Jim Stambaugh, Vice Chair
Terry Sisson, Secretary
Julie Gooch 
Tom Graber
Renee Jerrick
Robin Macy 
Jane Taylor
Mark Horning